This self-assessment has 16 statements relating to anxiety and depression. Please reflect on each statement.

Over the last month I have experienced the following:

  1. I have felt keyed up or on edge
  2. I have been thinking the worst in situations
  3. I have been sleeping poorly
  4. I do not feel at ease or relaxed
  5. I have suffered from diarrhoea, sweating, tightness of the chest, trembling, increase heart rate, nausea, headaches and tingling
  6. I get sudden feelings of panic
  7. I feel a sense of dread as if something awful is about to happen
  8. I have been irritable and over reactive to situation
  1. I am unable to enjoy the things I used to
  2. I have lost confidence in myself
  3. I feel worthless
  4. I have had difficulties concentrating
  5. I have lost or gained weight due to a change in my appetite
  6. I have not felt like socialising
  7. I am pretending to be happy most of the time
  8. I have lost interest in my appearance