“After a few sessions we gained back our confidence”

We contacted Kerry during a very challenging period for us. At the time, we both had been with a very high level of anxiety and very distressed. We both worked for the same employer and both had already experienced bulling at our old work place. We had a sense of what we needed (which was to leave the employer), but we did not have the courage to act and take the risk due to social pressure. The very non-judgmental and empathic discussions with Kerry has helped us a great deal. After a few sessions we gained back our confidence and we had the courage to make the right decision – we left our job and we moved to another place. We were able to follow our dreams and to move on from the old toxic work place and to find a much better life. We do absolutely recommend Kerry as a perfect counsellor who has a very positive, spiritual, creative, relaxed and non-judgmental attitude.

“My sessions with you have been truly life changing.”

I would like to say the biggest THANK YOU for your empathetic listening and insight during our sessions together. When I started counselling I felt totally overwhelmed due to a an accumulation of life events. I was no longer able to regulate my emotions and was tearful on a daily basis; this was having a major impact on my relationship and work. After leaving our first session I cried with relief that someone had the intuition to realise that there was a backstory to my difficulties and wanted to explore my timeline of events in more detail. Over the next 5 sessions you provided me with the time, space and encouragement to share these events, reframe my understanding and make sense of my emotions. I now feel like ‘me’ again. I have taken control of a challenging work situation and my relationship has gone from strength to strength. I feel at peace with the past and calmer moving forward. My sessions with you have been truly life changing.

“Thank you for helping me cope with one of the most difficult times I’ve ever experienced.”

Thank you for helping me cope with one of the most difficult times I’ve ever experienced. Having a calm and safe environment to talk in was exactly what I needed along with your helpful advice about how to look forward. Keeping perspective on a mentally tough and developing situation was so important and I would not have been able to do it without your help. After the six sessions I was able to better manage my emotions as well as communicating my extremely difficult circumstances to my friends and family. Being able to do this also gave me a base to start rebuilding my life.

“Kerry is a warm, empathetic and insightful counsellor and makes you feel safe”


I worked with Kerry for 8 weeks and in that time, she made a real difference to my outlook on life. Kerry is a warm, empathetic and insightful counsellor and makes you feel safe to open up and discuss feelings you may not even be aware you are struggling with. The sessions gave me a renewed sense of perspective, and helped me understand some of the deeper issues I was struggling with. Also, just having someone who was willing to listen and support me made a huge difference to how I was feeling, and by the final session I felt stronger, more able to cope with day to day stresses and more understanding and compassionate towards myself. I can’t thank Kerry enough for how much she helped. She is a wonderful counsellor to work with and help you sort through whatever is bothering you. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her!